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Embed Insights For Your Teams, Customers, and Vendors With The DashPoint Power BI Portal & Embedded Analytics

Customer and Partner Portals Delivered Easily and Affordably. 

Whether you need to deliver insights to your customers, vendors, and partners or simply want to save significantly on your Power BI licensing costs, embedded analytics provided by DashPoint Analytics Power BI Embedded portal delivers results that are easy-to-use and affordable.


Introducing DashPoint Analytics Power BI Portal, a revolutionary tool that is set to redefine the way you manage and distribute your Power BI reports. This innovative solution is designed to empower you with the ability to share your Power BI reports with an unlimited number of users, all with just a single Power BI Pro license. Yes, you read that right! No more juggling multiple licenses or worrying about escalating costs. DashPoint Analytics Power BI Portal has got you covered.


Instill confidence by embedding customer-facing data-driven insights in your product. You can leverage your existing analytics investment in Microsoft Power BI or allow us to create professional and market-ready dashboards while staying affordable and scalable as your business grows.


The advantages of DashPoint Analytics Portal with Power BI Embedded capacity

Power BI Embedded offers numerous advantages that make it an attractive choice for businesses looking to distribute interactive data visualizations widely at a fraction of traditional licensing.

A True No-Code Solution

By leveraging DashPoint’s Portal, it eliminates the need for coding, making it accessible to non-technical users. This means that anyone in the organization can easily create and embed interactive dashboards and reports, without relying on IT teams or external developers.


With DashPoint Analytics Power BI Portal, you can secure your reports down to the row-level. This means you have complete control over who sees what, ensuring that sensitive data remains confidential and only accessible to those who need it. This level of security is unparalleled, providing peace of mind and fostering trust within your organization.

Timely Data

Furthermore, DashPoint’s Portal refreshes your underlying data sources automatically at a frequency of your choosing — even allowing for real-time data updates, ensuring that the insights presented are always up-to-date. This is particularly important in fast-paced industries where timely information is crucial for making informed decisions. With DashPoint Analytics Portal with shared Power BI Embedded, businesses can provide their users with the most accurate and relevant data, enhancing their overall experience and driving better outcomes.


As your business grows and evolves, so too does DashPoint Analytics Power BI Portal. This dynamic tool scales with you, effortlessly adapting to accommodate increased data volumes and user numbers. It’s a solution that grows with you, ensuring that no matter how big or complex your operations become, DashPoint Analytics Power BI Portal can handle it.

Unlimited Users At A Fraction of the Cost

Lastly, traditional Power BI reporting is licensed by the number of users. With DashPoint Analytics Portal with shared Power BI Embedded capacity, you pay not by the user but by your level of utilization. This pricing model can yield significant savings over traditional licensing — to the tune of 60% or more in just licensing savings alone.

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