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Census Analysis

Whether you are a multi-site Life Plan community or single skilled-nursing facility, keep your finger on the pulse with this Census Analysis dashboard.Monitor admissions and discharges, room availability, payer mix, resident demographics, and much more.

nursing home census analysis

Dashboard Features

Readmission rates

Track readmissions by hospital, referral source, or diagnosis.

Skilled days by diagnosis

Filter by resident and unit.

Unit availability and average turnover

Track how quickly rooms in a specific level of care are being turned over. See all bed holds and the reasons behind them.

Level of care occupancy utilization

Drill down to occupancy levels by specific floor, building, or over any timeframe that you specify.

Payer-mix analysis

See your organization’s current payer mix and payer days per resident.

Fully exportable data

Export data from any individual visualization to Excel to do your own in-house analysis.

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