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CMS Star Rating

DashPoint makes interpreting your CMS Star Rating a breeze.

The CMS Star Rating Analysis Dashboard reveals your biggest strengths and your biggest opportunities for improvement.

CMS Star Rating - Long-Stay QMs

Dashboard Features

Facility Comparison Tool

See how you rank versus your peers, screening by location, ownership type, facility size.

Health Inspection Analyzer

Delve into your most recent inspections scores to see which deficiencies impact your score the most.

Staffing Scoreboard

See whether an adjustment to your current staff mix would improve or reduce your star ranking.

QM Tracker

See which QMs offer the most room for improvement, giving you a roadmap for planning and allocation of resources.

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This dashboard not only allows me to compare my facility with my local competition, but it allows me to precisely pinpoint and identify the areas that need improvement for us to reach the next level.
Melissa Frownfelter, VP of OperationsPleasant View Communities, Manheim, PA

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