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24-Hour Report Dashboard

Are your morning stand-up or daily resident review sessions taking longer and longer as you comb through ever more voluminous nursing notes?

This dashboard streamlines the process by putting the data your team needs right at their fingertips.

The 24-Hour Report dashboard quickly provides your staff with:

  • critical recent notes,
  • recently changed or refused medications,
  • new incidents of pain,
  • new falls,
  • new wounds,
  • bowel protocol, and
  • fluid intake.

Moreover, the dashboard can be configured to monitor a wide variety of additional indicators. Tell us your facility’s unique pressure points, and we can customize it to smooth your team’s workflow.

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Dashboard Features

Facility Comparison Tool

See how you rank versus your peers, screening by location, ownership type, facility size.

Health Inspection Analyzer

Delve into your most recent inspections scores to see which deficiencies impact your score the most.

Staffing Scoreboard

See whether an adjustment to your current staff mix would improve or reduce your star ranking.

QM Tracker

See which QMs offer the most room for improvement, giving you a roadmap for planning and allocation of resources.

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