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Our long-term experience allows us to tailor custom solutions that fit your business needs.

Managed Analytics SERVICES

There has been no shortage of hype around how data analytics can impact your organization’s operations.  Study after study has proven that the return on investment (ROI) of data analytics is significant and will often separate a successful organization from a struggling one.  Nucleus Research recent conducted a study that shows an average return of $9.01 for every dollar spent on data analytics – that’s a 901% ROI!

Unfortunately, until recently, adequate and successful analytics was confined to only large organizations who could dedicate staff and infrastructure to optimizing their analytics investment.  Small and medium-sized businesses may not have the budget or sophistication to wrangle their disparate data and understand terms like ETL/ELT or “data lakes” or the plethora of providers out there.

Seamless Data Integration

DashPoint Analytics meets you where you are at:

Whether you have an established investment in analytics or are just getting started,  by bundling expertise, infrastructure, and software into a predictable and affordable monthly fee, DashPoint provides managed analytics-as-a-service that can significantly save you time and money from going it alone.

We can take your organization’s multiple data sources and unify them into insights – implementing your data analytics solutions from scratch or leveraging your existing investment and/or augmenting your BI and analytics staff.

No more silos:

Nowadays, nearly every software application offers their own analytical packages but organizations often have multiple systems and need a “single source of truth”.  DashPoint’s analytics managed portal allows unified views in dashboards that can be used by the C suite, managers, and even front-line staff all while conforming to your organizations’ data governance policies.

DashPoint can adapt and scale with you:

We help SMBs just getting started in understanding their data as well as larger organizations with multiple sites and large data warehouses and analytics departments.  As your organization grows, we can adapt your analytics with your changing requirements.


Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive and Diagnostic

Depending on your goals, we can apply our expertise to help you accomplish any type of solution to drive your decision-making.  We can provide any combination of analytics by leveraging dashboard visualizations, machine-learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI).

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