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Enterprise Analytics for Post-Acute Care Providers

Insights Through Interactive Data Visualizations

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Unify Multiple Systems Into One Visualization

Health providers are under increasing demands to enhance care despite increased regulation and stagnating levels of reimbursement.

Backed by over 18 years of experience in the post-acute setting, our team stands ready to help you apply business intelligence to address these challenges and improve results.


View Your Data in Real-Time

Our custom dashboards collect all relevant data streams as they are updated, giving you instant, one-touch access to financial, HR, inventory, and other reports.

Insights Driven By AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning put your data to work for you, identifying key trends and correlations that might not be readily apparent otherwise.

Enterprise Dashboards Unify All of Your Systems

Say goodbye to data silos. Unify payroll, HR, and financial data systems into one dashboard and produce new insights without an expensive system integration.

Integrate Across Multiple Providers

Leveraging our experience with interfacing with many different EMR systems, we can augment and enhance data interoperability.

Improving Healthcare Through Interactive Data Visualizations


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Distilling Insights Through Interactive Data Visualizations