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COVID-19 Alert

COVID-19 Alerts for Nursing Homes

To combat COVID-19 in the post-acute care setting, you need to monitor its signs and symptoms as they arise.

You need to know how testing is progressing and to report the results every day.

This is no small order.

Until now, identifying emerging virus risks and complying with evolving reporting requirements has meant combing through your EMR and gathering the data manually or running multiple reports.

But that can be a time-consuming process. It adds to your team’s workload at a time when you’re likely already experiencing staffing shortages.

There’s a better way to track and respond to COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Alert Dashboard from DashPoint Analytics is an accessible, cost-efficient tool designed to track coronavirus signs, symptoms, testing, and active cases across your organization.

It employs sophisticated, natural language analysis to scan your nurses’ unstructured notes and user-defined assessments to spot COVID-19 symptoms in real-time, allowing your team to focus its energy where it’s needed most.

Dashboard Features

Natural Language Analysis of Nurse Notes

Using artificial intelligence, we scan your nurse notes and assessments for key phrases that may indicate an onset of signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

Comprehensive View of Coronavirus Tests and Results

Track when tests were given, their status, and results across your facility.

Resident Matrix of COVID-19 Signs and Symptoms

The resident matrix is a unified view of all residents in your facility, showing if and when they had signs and symptoms, when tests and test results were obtained, and designed for easy export and reporting to state and federal agencies.

Resident Key Vitals

Track key vitals like elevated temps, low pulse oximetry, elevated respirations, and more.

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