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Life Plan Communities

Life Plan Communities have redefined their emphasis from just providing senior living and a continuum of care to a more expansive focus on providing a life full of continued opportunities for their members. This change has correlated with an explosion in new data points and diversity of technology systems. Communities have invested in event spaces, restaurants, and wellness centers while also implemented technologies like smart home devices and IoT devices. 

We can provide a single solution that can provide intelligence across all of your systems.

Your organization has no shortage of data.  With over 200 different data connectors for all your diverse on-premise or cloud applications, we can unify your enterprise analytics so you don’t have to managing different reporting sources.  We provide a “single-source of truth” so you can make effective decision-making all with only a predictable and affordable investment.

Real-Time Dashboards, Analytics, and Machine-Learning

Have a real-time view into your performance across all of your operations. Look at the big picture with dashboards that assess systems of engagement, financial trends, care conditions, and more. Get predictive intelligence with tools that assess future trends based on current data.

Financial Analysis for SNFs

We'll build a portal so you'll have easy access to all of this information.

We make insights available no matter what your role is in the organization.  By equipping leadership, clinicians, operations, and others with an easy-to-use portal, you can gain better-informed decision-making.  This portal allows you to access analytics and insights with a single login and no downloads or installations are required at a predictable monthly fee.

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