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Distilling Insights Through Interactive Data Visualizations

Dashboard Analytics has over 18 years of experience in healthcare focusing on the post-acute care setting and serving Life-Plan Communities, Skilled Care Nursing, & Home Care Agencies.  We offer business insights through data visualizations and stand ready to help you and your team improve results.

Whether you are only starting to use business intelligence and AI or need to augment your existing investment, we provide affordable analytics across all systems and move beyond static visualizations and fixed reports. We provide unified and real-time data models that change with your growing business and priorities.

DashPoint Power BI Portal allows you to share your Power BI Reports with unlimited user with just a single Power BI Pro license.
Deliver your reports securely to unlimited users with timely data at a fraction of the cost.

Improving Outcomes Through Interactive Data Visualizations

Managed Analytics

Our custom dashboards span your EMR, giving you instant, one-touch access to reports such as the Facility-Wide Assessment.

AI and machine learning puts your data to work for you, identifying key trends and correlations.

Managed Analytics2

Whether it’s forecasting cash flow, tracking your ever-changing work force requirements, or staying on top of supplies and inventory, we have dashboards that leverage your many systems so you can anticipate and respond quickly and with confidence..

Managed Analytics 4

Need a way to affordably provide dashboards to your clients, customers, vendors or partners?  We provide our platform for delivering embedded analytics-as-a-service, even white-labeled to preserve your brand.

Pay for only the capacity you need all while scaling with your business.  We provide row-level security so that users only see what they are supposed to see.



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