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Acuity-Based Staffing

Acuity-based Staffing Report

Stay in step with your staff with the Acuity-Based Staffing Report.

This dashboard lets you go beyond your payroll-based journal (PBJ) by measuring your nursing home staff’s HPRD by acuity level.

It gives you a clear picture of the number of lifts, transfers, high-assist feedings that your team performs each day.

Dashboard Features

Real-Time HPRD by Acuity Analysis

The dashboard gives you acuity-adjusted HPRD figures with data pulled directly from your timekeeping system.

Acuity Map

Balance your staffing by floor, unit, wing based on the acuity demands of residents.

Licensed Staff FTE Tracker

See average staff hours by license, allowing you to quickly compare with budget projections.

Staffing Ratio Trend Analyzer

Compare licensed staff ratios over time to better manage HPRD.

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